STAGE IT & SELL IT: From Foyer to FoYay!

Foyer Before and After

My “STAGE IT AND SELL IT” series takes you to a foyer in a home my stager, and I staged and sold in Franklin, TN. We refresh this foyer and made it welcoming by redecorating on a dime!

Our Mission? 1) Find a new place for this family to drop their shoes, jackets, sports equipment, etc. Because the foyer is the first thing a buyer sees when entering your home, it’s really important that it’s tidy and welcoming! 2) Add lighting, a larger foyer table, artwork and an upholstered chair with pillows to create interest in the entryway and make this space more functional, as well. 3) Lamp lighting in a home creates a cozy feel, thus we placed a lamp on their foyer table to create warmth and make the foyer feel inviting.