Hometown History: From White House to Thompson’s Station

Hometown History

This beautiful Tennessee town has not always been known as Thompson’s Station.

Did you know that way back in the early 1830’s Thompson’s Station was known as White House, Tennessee?

Not long after that, in 1836, it became Littlebury; some say it was named after Littleberry Starks, the postmaster at the time. (Notice the difference in spelling.)

Real Estate Side Note: Littlebury is also the name of a brand new neighborhood being developed on Pantall Road between Critz Lane and Thompson’s Station Road. According to Thompson’s Station Planning Commission meeting records (Jan. 26, 2021):  The preliminary plat approval consisted of 91 single-family lots.  Section 1 will consist of 13 single-family lots.

In 1856 Dr. Elijah Thompson was kind enough to donate the land where the village was built, and it has been called Thompson’s Station ever since. The first trains rode into town a year prior in August of 1855. Farmers brought their livestock to town, put them on trains where they would be taken to market.