TOP TEN: Proposed Goodies in Preservation Park’s Master Plan

Preservation Park

Preservation Park is one of my favorite places to go for a walk, take in the scenery and get lost in thought.  I often imagine what this park will one day become.  After a little research, I stumbled upon the Master Plan for this park. You too, can explore Preservation Park’s Master Plan by CLICKING HERE. But before you do, here is my “Top 10 Favorite Proposed Park Improvement Ideas” taken from the document. 

The photos below are from the Preservation Park Master Plan and are being used only as examples of the Town’s vision for this park.

#10 Visitor / Education Center

Proposed Visitors/Education Center

When I go to a park I want to learn all I can about it before I venture off, if possible. The Master Plan proposes a 2400 to 3400 square foot facility that will welcome visitors to the park and allow them to educate themselves on everything from park amenities to the vegetation they will see on their outdoor adventure.

#9 Community Garden Expansion

Community Garden Expansion

I have always loved that Thompson’s Station encourages the community to grow — veggies that is!  They have plots open to the public, whereby residents can grow vegetables and herbs.  So, I was excited to read that even more plots will one day be available and extend into Preservation Park. 

#8 Equestrian Arena

Proposed Equestrian Arena

While I don’t know a whole lot about horses, I do know I enjoy watching people ride them, seeing them gallop and will always go horseback riding when offered a chance.  The proposed outdoor fenced-in arena is planned to be 80′ x 165′ in size.

#7 Cross-Country Equestrian Schooling Area

Cross Country Equestrian Schooling Area

One more horse item…  Imagine 10-acres of mowed grass for you and your horse.  Not only that – you will also have access to portable cross-country equestrian jumps.  It’s in the Master Plan! 

#6 An Amphitheater

Proposed Amphitheatre

When most locals think of an amphitheater, they think about Ascend in Nashville and the new FirstBank Amphitheater down the road.  The plans for Preservation Park include the construction of a small amphitheater, built with native stone, that will hold up to seventy people for outdoor classroom instruction or small performances.  

#5 Picnic Areas

Picnic Areas

I can’t think of a better place to have a picnic than Preservation Park.  The Master Plan is proposing two picnic locations at this passive park.  One area will have permanent tables and the other will be a place where you can lay down your blanket and enjoy a meal, with one of the best views in town! 

#4 Interpretive Signage

Thompson’s Station became a hot spot during the Civil War, seeing its own violent battle.  A limited number of interpretive signage will one day tell the story of the battle. There will also be signs that tell you about other historical events that happened at this park.

#3 Paved Greenway Trail

Proposed Paved Greenway Trail

Let’s face it, sometimes you just want a smooth surface to walk, run or ride your bike. Well, I do anyway. A ten-foot-wide asphalt multi-use trail is being proposed for Preservation Park. YES!! 

#2  A Lookout Tower

Proposed Lookout Tower

You heard that right, folks — a lookout tower!  This proposed structure will be placed in an area where you can capture the best scenic views in Thompson’s Station! Who knows, you may be able to see Franklin and Spring Hill, too! 

#1 Canopy Walk

Proposed Canopy Walk

Aren’t you glad you scrolled down this far?! A canopy walk is in the Master Plan! Imagine walking along at the same height as the tree canopy and connecting to other hillsides throughout the park.  This is one park addition that I am looking forward to the most! 

Here is a map of where some of these proposed site items may go in the future!